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I'll say that the correct answer depends upon where you are in one category: socio/economic status. Although the NAACP has done some great things historically, it has always mandated a path of integration. I'm not espousing assimilation, nor am I saying that blacks need to separate themselves (Hell, what am I saying?), but this is the same group... Read More that kicked Dr. DuBois to the curb because he was concerned about the influence of whites in a black organization. Furthermore, the recent leadership has been nothing to write home about. Don't forget, this is the organization that was known as "The National Association for the Advancment of Certain People." Can it become relevant? Absolutely, and the way to accomplish that is through new leadership which understands the problems that poor blacks face, which is one of the things that the NAACP has historically neglected. Before anyone responds negatively, learn about this organization's ENTIRE history, not just historical highlights.

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