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My thoughts exactly! POTUS is awesome. He just needs to not feel comfortable when he feels comfortable he is likely to say anything and unlike Bush who really said any DAMN STUPID thing. POTUS is not allowed to make any mistake at all.

I have to say that I agree and disagree with parts of your blog.

I completely agree that sometimes Obama needs to keep his opinions to himself. Don't allow the media to bait you into something that is not your fight. Your fight and focus must stay on the tenets of your campaign. Too much is at stake!

However, I disagree that Skip, if you will, acted in any way, inappropriately. Should he have toned it down and not let anger and outrage prevail? Of course, that is the rule in any situation.

However, as a police officer from IL noted on WVON-AM (Chicago), it was the officer's responsibility to gain control and walk away when Skip lost his cool. They had the information that they needed (they saw his ID). They should have walked away and let the man rant.

In addition, let me submit that someone who teaches diversity training and issues to other police officers should have recognized the rant for what it was - historical discrimination culminating in this situation -- and walked away. Instead, the ego war began and as usual, the boy in blue trumped the table with his power to arrest.

I guess the only solution (since this blog focuses on solutuions) is to follow the Biblical principle: be angry, but sin not. Or Proverbs 3:5-6: "Pride (on both sides) goes before destruction and a puffed up spirit before a fall."

@ L. Martin Johnson Pratt: You are right. President Obama has to keep in mind that every word he utters draws attention.

@ J. Stone: You make a valid point about both men operating out of anger and in pride. Mr. Obama got caught up in Skip and James' mess. I think that's better.

You nailed it and your mother was right!

My lasts two cents on the matter. I promise. I firmly believe one has the ask, why the arrest at all? No matter that Gates was acting out.

Here's an article from Cyrus Bina that expresses my sentiment about the matter.


A brief excerpt:

The question, therefore, is not whether Professor Gates “resisted arrest” or “talked back” to the arresting officer; the pertinent question is why an arrest in the first place. Upon hearing the released 911 tape from the Cambridge police--following the caller initial report—the police officer suddenly asks: “… are they White, Black or Hispanics…” The question remarkably provides its own answer, namely, that the typology of race is a premeditating factor that terrifically is on the mind of officer who sends the squad car to Ware Street. As we can see, answer then is racial profiling, which consciously and/or unconsciously has been and still is an essential part of the police training in all our 50 States, plus the District of Columbia. And, worse, the “science” of profiling of all kinds has decidedly been further fortified by the fear-mongering and civil-liberty-grabbing attitude of the post-9/11 in this country—this needs to stop.

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