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i think that what happened in that shop was uncalled for and cowardly. if the one person had an issue with the woman why not be a woman and handle it like a woman? why do you need a group of other people to assist you with making your point? and everybody is tough when they know you won't fight back and when they know its US against YOU! what makes a group so tough in that case??? NOTHING!!!

also what or who was the intended video for? was it for their friends and family? myspace? the POLICE??? was it supposed to be impressive because it wasn't. uh haven't they seen what happens to dumb cowards who make stupid videos like this one?? i KNOW they at least have bootleg cable so i know they saw what happened to the young white girls ho did basically the same thing! the sad thing is that even if they go to prison, which they should it probably won't change who they are.

I don't understand why the victim took a month to go to the cops. Her family had to convince her that she should. After being publicly humiliated, if you had no intentions of handling the situation how most people would have wanted to (illegal ways I won't mention), what other option is there than to hand it over to the law? I'm all for grown folks being locked up or being mandated to enroll in some sort of rehabilitation program for this type of foolishness. It helps to weed out people who ultimately will be counteractive to the progression of our community. U know, everybody can't go to the promise land (some people still have hope tho).

This is a "n****" moment at it's best(worst?). If any of you listen to the audio closely, you'll know that first of all they were fighting over a guy. A guy who was probably at home with a different female and doesn't give a you know what about any of them. The "victim" constantly asked what was it that she had said that caused this senseless act of violence. The attacker had no answer but, "You know what you said". WTF! "N**** S***" This was a sad incident and no one that witnessed this from inside or as they peered through the shop windows had the decency to call for help or 'try' to stop it. This was definitely a "pre-meditated event". One Way to stop videos like this is to stop forwarding them. Unfortunately, the forwards are probably what brought it to the attention of the police. The idiot(accessory to the crime) has to be the one who leaked it. Possession is 9/10 of the law. Peace. Mike "LIFE"

where is the sense of community???!?!? out of all the people watching her get beat, no one tried to help her, but they all felt compelled to stay and watch. the girl in the shop just standing in the window, the passers by getting their peeping tom on through the window, and the big dude standing in the barbershop just looking stupid. he made me the angriest, because she went and asked him for help. if he didn't want to help physically, he could have simply called the police. no one thought to themselves, if this was happening to my sister, mother, aunt, niece, cousin, girl, daughter etc., I would want someone to HELP THEM!!!!!?!??! no one did that!!!!! it is disgusting. but you reap what you sow. what is happening to the black community?!?

I was absolutely floored at the video as I watched. I thought the lady at the door was going to help until she closed the door and begin to yell in the victim face before attacking her. What happened to grace and acting like a lady? All this has gone out the window. It's just a disgrace to watch our young women act out like this. They were proud as to what they had done as they strolled off proud sounding like fools. We have to teach our young women about respect, and dignity for themselves.

This is such a sad case of ignorance on all counts. The person that is recording this act for instance... what was his/her motive, getting paid, five minutes of fame? We've resorted to this.... This society is ate up enough without the help of more ignorant people thinking that they'll get a few minutes of fame by hurting someone in the process. So now our future leaders (our kids) can see what a wonderful job we're doing in paving the way for them and they'll keep the process going. Great job we are so on the right track......

I hope that the violence ended there, and did not continue elsewhere.
When the woman threatened, "I will kill you..." I believed her.

I heard about this but this is the first time I saw it. This is crazy. I did some research on the incident and I was not pleased with the response from the police. I realize she reported this a month after it happen but OPD does not seem to be in a hurry to handle this. They have enough evidence. They should not be able to get away with a pre-meditated attack.

These little beauty shop terrorists may have won the battle, but I fear they have lost the war. The good thing about video taped evidence is that you don't have to rely on snitches to bring people to justice. And the little "bouncer" blocking the door may have earned herself an unlawful restraint charge before she threw her licks in. Be careful what you allow to happen in the presence of a videocamera, my friends. It may come back to haunt you in front of a jury of your peers.

Totally subhuman. They should be shot.

This was the most appalling video I've ever seen! Don't get me wrong, I have been guily of watching and even laughing at some of the fight videos I've seen, but this one hurt my heart. I don't know what triggered that event, and don't even care, but the way they beat that girl was horrendous! I felt sooo sorry for her. She was attacked by one girl. Held captive, then another girl attacked her. Then they both attack her. They beat her all and thru that place while people just peered thru the window. What hurt the most, is she ran outside, nobody seemed all that interested in helping her. I hope all those involved are prosecuted.

this video is just a bunch of crap, but it's very funny at all.

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this is actually pathetic ...why would two women set upon a lone women like that and keep her hostage.
they dont act lady like they act with a certain amount of animalism and they deserve to have the same inflicted on them .
that is all

Oh no, this is crazy. Are these people normal? Why would they do such a thing?

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